May your event/function happen harmoniously & peacefully.

How can we simplify this entire process of booking & organizing for you?


I’m Gowtham, proprietor of this place. Recently, we hired a mandapam of larger capacity for my sister’s marriage. The event went well. However, from the point of view of the family members, we played all 3 roles simultaneously – being preset with my sister on the stage, being present with the guests who are in the occasion and also organizing the next thing that needs to happen for smooth flow. This was a continuous process & it left us tired. The major challenge was in finding right people, planning timelines, communication & ensuring that the events flowed smoothly. It was a good learning experience.

We understand the pressure on you when the day arrives. So, we ask ourselves this question – Being a space provider, how can we step in, to simplify the entire organizing process for you, so that, you & your family can go through the occasion with full presence & walk into beautiful memories?

This allows us to listen closely to your needs & then offer our experience & provide support. May your event happen peacefully & harmoniously.

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